Joint operations: The epic Liberation of Mosul was the gateway to complete military victory against terrorism

a wish | 01:17 – 10/07/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News,

The Joint Operations Command confirmed, on Friday, that the saga of liberating Mosul from ISIS control was the gateway to a complete military victory against terrorism.

The leadership stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, “On the tenth of July 2017, the great victory was achieved by liberating the dear city of Mosul from the clutches of the ISIS terrorist gangs, as it was an Iraqi national epic in which all our security forces and citizens joined forces to achieve this victory, as part of operations.” Coming Nineveh, “liberation operations began on October 16 of 2016 from the south, east, and north of Mosul, and they achieved complete liberation of the left coast, then operations began to liberate the right side and the old city on February 19, 2017, and victory came with the liberation and declaration of the city of Mosul. From the city center on the tenth of July, whose memory we live today. ”

The statement added: “As a peace to the eternal fatwa of the rational reference, and a tribute to the martyrs and honors of Iraq, whose lives were lost on the land of Nineveh to liberate them, these Iraqi blood from the south, center, west, east and north, to irrigate the land of Mosul and purify it from the ISIS terrorist gangs and their darkness and greetings of appreciation and gratitude to the wounded who carried Medals of honor in the liberation of the second largest city of Iraq, and a tribute to the honorable and grateful of all of our noble people and the citizens of Nineveh, who were the real help in achieving victory and greeting the heroism and glory of all our forces that participated and achieved this great Iraqi victory, within the leadership of the “Coming O Nineveh” operations the heroic men from The army, counterterrorism service, federal police, rapid response, popular crowd, peshmerga, Nineveh police, intelligence agencies, and the massive support of army aviation, air power, and international coalition aircraft.We especially mention the heroes of psychological operations and the Iraqi media, who were side by side with the fighters, to convey the image and the reality in an up-to-date Iraqi and international opinion.

He emphasized, “The epic of liberating Mosul was the gate of complete military victory over the terrorist myth of ISIS, which is an Iraqi epic with pure distinction with the blood of your sons and their sacrifices, and a salute to the victory leaders from the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and all the high leaders in the security, military and intelligence ministries who achieved this glory through leadership quality field so many of them and solidarity with the citizens who came by the will and timing of Iraq shocked the world and put a long time to triumph over Daesh. they were Iraqi officers from the staff of the armed forces and federal police forces and the elite of the fight against terrorism and the Mujahideen brave organ of the people mobilized and the Peshmerga.

concluded leadership by saying: “To make this epic and victory a qualitative memory station for our future generations, so that they are responsible for protecting and defending Iraq.” Ended 6/29 n


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