Kurdistan is ready for any constitutional solution that will bridge differences with Baghdad

Kurdish women

7/20/2020 14:56:47

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Shafaq News / The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, confirmed on Wednesday that the region is ready to accept any solution based on the constitution to collapse the page of differences with the Iraqi federal government.

Barzani’s speech came as he received the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blackshart, in Erbil.

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Region Presidency, received by Shafaq News, said that the two sides discussed the relations between Erbil and Baghdad and discussions to resolve the differences between them.

The statement quoted Blackshart as stressing “the support of the United Nations to the continuation of the talks of the two sides, and urged the two sides to continue the dialogue and seek a solution.”

For his part, Barzani reiterated that the Kurdistan Region is ready for all solutions based on the constitution.

The statement stated that in another section of the meeting, Barzani and Blashart touched on developments related to the outbreak of the Corona virus in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, highlighting its comprehensive consequences and the procedures and steps taken to counter it.

It is expected that the Kurdistan Regional Government’s delegation will visit Baghdad next week to resume discussions on the outstanding issues.

The previous Iraqi government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi had cut last April the salaries of state employees in the Kurdistan Region after accusing the region of not committing to an agreement to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the company “Sumo” owned by Baghdad, which was denied by the government of Erbil.

Al-Kazemi’s government agreed two months ago to launch salaries for one month for the region’s employees, and mortgaged it regularly on Baghdad and Erbil’s agreement on the oil file and the region’s share of the federal budget.

Since the decision to cut the salaries of the province’s employees, the two sides have held three rounds of discussions in the capital, Baghdad, to resolve the differences.

The military delegations of the two sides are also holding talks to form joint coordination centers in the disputed areas to fight the terrorist organization “ISIS”, whose activity has increased in those areas since the beginning of the current world, taking advantage of the absence of coordination between Baghdad and Erbil.


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