Disclosure of an agreement to activate cooperation between the Peshmerga and federal forces in mixed areas

13:15 – 08/08/2020


Information \ Baghdad .. The

deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Dylan Ghaffour, revealed, on Wednesday, an agreement between the security forces and the Ministry of Peshmerga on military coordination between the two parties in the mixed areas.

Ghafour said in a statement reported by the “Al-Ittihad” website, seen by the information, that “the Peshmerga Ministry agreed with the Ministry of Defense to activate the joint military effort to bridge the existing security gaps, especially in the cut-off areas.”

Ghafour added, “The agreement that took place is to form joint coordination centers and exchange of information between the Peshmerga and Defense ministries?”

She explained, “The Peshmerga forces made great sacrifices in order to protect Kirkuk and the areas cut off, and the existence of this coordination and cooperation between the Peshmerga and the army is very necessary and will have positive results.” Ended / 25


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