Rashid Bank announces the payment of salaries of more than 100 departments

Economie | 08:19 – 07/07/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Al-Rasheed Bank announced, on Tuesday, that its branches will continue to pay the salaries of employees of the endemic state departments with their salaries with the bank, whose financing instruments have arrived.

The media office of the bank stated in a statement received / Mawazine News / a copy of it, that “the electronic payment unit delivered salaries to more than (100) departments in Baghdad and the provinces, in addition to handing over the salaries of many departments that receive their salaries manually.”

The statement added, “The bank’s staff work until late at night to ensure that salaries are paid without delay, and that employees with electronic payment cards can receive their salaries from the bank’s branch network located in Baghdad and the provinces or from one of the approved Nakheel Master Card offices if they receive a download notification message Salary “. Ended 6/29 n


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