Washington comments on “missile strikes in the international area of Baghdad”

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July 06, 2020

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The US State Department building in Washington

A spokesman for the US State Department assured Al-Hurra that the ministry is aware of reports of rockets falling on the international zone in Baghdad. 

The spokesman told Al-Hurra that the Iraqi security services are leading the investigation into this matter. He added that the threat of missile attacks “is dangerous not only for us, but for the Iraqi government, neighboring diplomatic missions, and residents of the former international zone and surrounding areas.”

The State Department spokesman recalled the remarks made by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo last Wednesday in which he commended the Iraqi government for bringing all armed groups under their control, including those that fire missiles at Iraqi government facilities.

Minister Pompeo also said that “the presence of these outlaw actors remains the greatest obstacle to additional assistance or economic investment” for the country. He added that “the world in order to help Iraq, Iraq must help itself first, and that Baghdad’s actions are a step in the right direction and we commend it.”

The US State Department’s statements came after reports that, on Sunday night, Baghdad airport was hit by an unexploded missile, according to Iraqi media.

However, the Iraqi Security Media Cell denied the fall of a Katyusha missile near the Baghdad International Airport terminal.

“The Baghdad Operations Command did not indicate any missile launches until 0050 hours, and we call on the media to be accurate and to take information exclusively from the security media cell,” a cell statement said Sunday.

The Katyusha missile had targeted earlier Sunday the Green Zone, where the United States embassy is located in Baghdad, in a new attack on American interests, a week after the arrest and release of pro-Iranian fighters in the background of those attacks.

Since October 2019, more than 33 missiles have targeted Iraqi facilities hosting diplomats or foreign soldiers, as well as the US embassy in Baghdad.



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