The Ministry of Finance begins launching private financing for the salaries of the month of June

Time: 07/2020 2020 14:50:32 Read: 3,276 times

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The year of the Accounting Department at the Ministry of Finance, announced that it would start with salary financing transactions for the month of June.

“He continued,” until the completion of all financing transactions. ”

It is noteworthy that about two weeks have passed since the public sector employees received their monthly salaries, and many of them are waiting to receive their usual wages as if they were a financial “reward” and not a salary due for their work.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee attributed the delay in the disbursement of the salaries of June to the duration of the currency conversion procedures, and indicated that “the delay in the payment of salaries is due to the duration of the currency conversion procedures, and not to transfer the salaries exchange every 40 days as is rumored,” adding that “the salaries will be launched by the Ministry of Finance During the coming days after completing the procedures for transferring cash from hard currency to Iraq. ”

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The manual was done gradually and endemic .. Starting to pay the salaries of employees in Iraq

Local | 10:37 – 03/07/2020

Private- Mawazine News

, banking sources revealed on Friday that the salaries of employees in the Iraqi ministries and departments will begin to be disbursed for the month of June, after being late for nearly two weeks.

The sources said in an interview with “Mawazine News” that “the salaries of the employees who receive them are completely paid manually and the employees should review their departments to receive them.”

She added, “The citizenship of employees has been paid gradually, and the first ministries that have received are the defense and industry,” noting that “next week all salaries will be paid.” Ended 29 / h