Al-Kazemi Businessmen: Our doors are open to you in case you are blackmailed and bargained

Political | 04:48 – 02/07/2020

Baghdad – Mawazine News

, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed on Tuesday the need for the private sector to pay taxes to boost state revenues, while noting that the government’s doors are open in case they are subjected to electronic blackmail.

And Al-Kazemi’s office stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it. In the country, and ways to overcome them. ”

Al-Kazimi said, “The current government is a government of consensus, solidarity and national understanding to overcome the crisis and cross Iraq to safety, and not a government to settle accounts, so that it affects the provision of services to the citizen and achieve what he aspires, but the target is the corrupt and Iraq is going through today many challenges that come at the forefront, Corona’s pandemic and its repercussions on the economy, “calling on all parties, unions, as well as the private sector, and social activities to” come together and cooperate to meet these challenges. ”

The Prime Minister pointed out, “The importance of the private sector in Iraq, and the need to strengthen it and encourage it to take its leadership role in a way that enables it to revitalize the Iraqi economy, and the government is today going strongly to support the private sector, and to find appropriate climates to activate it and contribute to building the country,” explaining that “the government seeks to Iraq will be an attractive environment for investment and investors, not a repulsive environment. ”

He added, “There are blackmail operations that the private sector is exposed to, and that the government has deterrent measures to hold accountable and prosecute those who carry out blackmail and bargaining,” stressing that “the doors of the Prime Minister’s Office are open to businessmen to present their complaints about any blackmail they may be exposed to, and any corruption case.” It is treated with all seriousness and the owners are legally pursued. ”

He pointed out, “The government is working to liberate the Iraqi economy from its mortgage with oil, and to pay attention to the sectors of industry, agriculture, tourism, services, investment, transport, etc.”, stressing “the government’s seriousness in fighting corruption in all joints of the state, especially border crossings.”

He stressed, “The necessity of the private sector’s obligation to pay taxes in order to boost state revenues, as well as withdraw any vacation or investment opportunity that has not been activated.” Ended 29 / h


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