A new development regarding the salaries of the next three months in Iraq


02/20/2020 04:50:11

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Shafaq News / The Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, suggested paying the salaries of state employees at the beginning of next week, indicating a re-deduction of bonds to the Ministry of Finance to secure salaries for a period of three months.

Ihsan Shamran, Director General of Accounting at the Central Bank, said that “the central bank has a big role in facing the current financial crisis.

He added that “these bonds will enable the ministry to secure the salaries of employees for the months of July and August and September, noting that the bank has made it easier for the Ministry of Finance to process the debt repayment for a period of 10 years.”

Shamran pointed out that “the Ministry of Finance held talks with the Central Bank and some banks to re-deduct these bonds, noting that the bank met with the finance and banks and deducted these amounts and deposited them in the Rafidain and Rashid accounts and the retirement board.” According to the Iraqi News Agency.

He pointed out, “Depositing 4 trillion and 300 billion dinars in the accounts of banks since last Wednesday, pointing out that the finance can receive money from banks, suggesting that” the salaries of employees be paid at the beginning of next week. ”

And Shamran said that “the central bank stands with the government to support the public finances from any crisis that it may face, noting that the size of banks’ cooperation is relatively limited except for Rafidain, Al-Rasheed and the Iraqi Bank for Trade.

He suggested, “the financial crisis will ease with the recovery of oil prices and the global economy,” noting that “the state is working towards improving public financial resources through the activation of taxes and customs in addition to oil resources.”



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