The region begins with dialogues with foreign countries to interfere in negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil

Baghdad / Obelisk: Spokesman for the Deputy President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Samir Hawrami, announced, on Wednesday 1 July 2020, that the delegation of the Kurdistan Region negotiated started a round of dialogues with the European Union Mission and foreign embassies in Iraq.  

Hawrami said in a statement received by Al-Masala, that these meetings come in order to urge the European Union mission and foreign embassies in Iraq to play a greater role in the ongoing negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil in terms of financial dues, employee salaries and oil delivery.  

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Sherzad Hassan, confirmed that these meetings with foreign embassies, nations and the European Union mission are normal.   

Hassan said: There are parties in Baghdad that do not want to abide by the constitution and press the Prime Minister in order not to sign the agreement and perpetuate the dispute with the region.  

He added that the dialogues and discussions with the European Union, the United Nations and foreign embassies are natural to urge them to play a greater role and urged the federal government to adhere to the provisions of the constitution in resolving contentious issues with the region.  



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