The Kurdistan government requires two things to hand over oil revenues to Baghdad … and reveals a prospective visit

Time: 7/20/2020 18:24:30

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Kurdistan Regional Government announced, on Wednesday, that it informed the federal government of its willingness to hand over the proceeds of the sale of oil, subject to agreement first on two things, which could pave the way for folding the page of disputes over major files.

A spokesman for the regional government, Gottiar Adel, told a news conference in Erbil that the regional government had informed Baghdad of its willingness to hand over the proceeds of the sale of oil after agreeing first to the dues of companies investing in oil fields as well as export expenditures.

Adel added, that the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will soon return to Baghdad to resume discussions on the outstanding differences.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi agreed to launch one-month salaries for the region’s employees, and mortgaged it on a regular basis on Baghdad and Erbil reaching an agreement on the oil file and the region’s share of the federal budget.

Since the decision to cut the salaries of the province’s employees, the two sides have held three rounds of discussions in the capital, Baghdad, to resolve the differences.

There are pending files between Baghdad and Erbil for many years, foremost among which is the file of managing the oil wealth and dividing its revenues, and the disputed areas between the two sides.

With regard to the internal affairs in the Kurdistan region, Adel said that “the mechanism of deducting a percentage of the salaries of the region’s employees was set according to the financial capabilities of the region’s government, and it may increase or decrease in the coming months.”

The Kurdistan Regional Government has decided to deduct 21 percent of employee salaries for the month of June, due to the financial crisis caused by the decline in oil prices and the Iraqi government’s cut of employee salaries.

As for the government reform plan, Adel explained that “the government will not marginalize the reform law,” noting that “the reform law means reviewing and organizing salaries, employee rights and imports.”

He added, “The job degree will be withdrawn for all who obtained it without a right, and this includes even retired people or those who have been referred to retirement with job titles and they do not deserve them.”

And he added, “From today, payrolls will be organized according to the biometric system.”


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