Parliamentary finance reveals two reasons behind the delay in salaries

Editing Date: 1/7/2020 21:38

Ayna News

– Baghdad Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, Wednesday, the delay in paying salaries to employees.

Committee member Ahmed Al-Saffar said, “There are two reasons for delaying the payment of salaries, which I expect personally, the first due to the conversion of hard currency into the Iraqi dinar, and the government beginning to scrutinize some ministries with regard to double salaries.”

He pointed out, “He revealed that 40,000 employees receive more than one salary in only 6 ministries, which delayed the payment of salaries to employees.”

The page for the month of June was turned, bringing with it the hopes of Iraqi employees to receive their salaries, despite promises made by the official authorities to hand over salaries before the end of the month in the past days, but the month was gone, and salaries remained in the “government quarantine.”

Commenting on the parliament’s approval of borrowing despite its objection to the law, Al-Saffar explained, “The committee has done its job through legislation, both internal and external borrowing, although it was a difficult choice for the committee to consider stopping external borrowing in the 2019 budget because it felt a danger and an increase in external debt.”

He pointed out that “the current crisis imposed on us to save the country and the government by agreeing to this law, provided that the government provides within 60 days a comprehensive reform paper so that we do not resort to borrowing again.”

Al-Saffar added, “The law was supposed to be in effect from the date of its approval and the government starting the borrowing process and organizing the necessary arrangements to pay salaries and other important matters, but we follow the issue and expect that there are technical reasons that delayed salaries.”

On the parties that benefit from borrowing, Al-Saffar concluded his speech by saying, “The reasons for approving this law are the financial and health crisis, salaries, ration card, and medicines, and everyone who falls within these reasons are considered beneficial parties.”

The House of Representatives, passed last Wednesday, a draft law that allows the government to borrow internally and externally to cover the country’s fiscal deficit.

The government presented the bill, which includes external borrowing worth $ 5 billion, and an internal amount of 15 trillion dinars to cover the country’s fiscal deficit.

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