Out of 50 deputies .. A new bloc led by Hakim to support the “prestige of the state”


06/1920 2020 08:53:41

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Shafak News / A well-informed source revealed that a parliamentary bloc of 50 deputies headed by leader of the al-Hikma Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, will announce its formation later Tuesday, while indicating that one of the bloc’s goals is to support the prestige of the state, achieve parliamentary balance, and adopt the demands of the demonstrators.

The source said to Shafaq News that “a parliamentary bloc of fifty consisting of 50 deputies from the forces of state, moderation and patriotism will be announced today,” indicating that the bloc will be headed by Ammar al-Hakim.

He added that one of the goals of the bloc is “to support the state, its prestige and sovereignty, to restore the state’s status, activate laws that are in the interest of the Iraqi people, and strengthen the Iraqi state.”

And he added that one of the goals is also “to support the correct tracks of the government, especially with regard to its corrective measures politically, security and economically, and to fix observations on failures and shortcomings, weaknesses and the pursuit of correction and reform.”

The source added that the bloc will also work on “achieving the parliamentary balance so that this bloc is an influential parliamentary figure and a major player in the language of the parliamentary numbers, and it will be in exchange for the other fiftieth blocs (Saeroun, Al-Fateh, Sunnah and the Kurds).”

He also pointed out that one of his goals is “to adopt the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, which were emphasized by the supreme religious authority in many citizens, and insist on achieving them in cooperation with the government and supporting it in this direction.”

It appears that the new bloc will support the efforts of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to end the Shiite factions that are loyal to Iran known as the “state factions.”

The Iraqi forces raided the headquarters of the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades last week, arrested 14 members, and also seized two missile launchers.

After the raid, fighters from those factions demonstrated their strength in the Green Zone, where the government headquarters and foreign missions are located in central Baghdad, in defiance of the official authorities, especially the prime minister.

On Monday, Hezbollah Brigade members insulted the Prime Minister by trampling their feet on the images of Al-Kazemi immediately after their release, which was considered by many to underestimate the prestige of the state.


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