Parliamentary law reveals the most prominent laws that will be legislated in Parliament

Editing Date: 6/6/2020 13:30


The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed the most important laws that will be discussed and passed by the parliament in the coming days.

Member of the Committee, MP Hussein Al-Oqabi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Saturday: “The House of Representatives will discuss the laws referred during the coming days that relate to tackling the economic and financial crisis and its exit, as well as the laws that relate to filling the federal revenue deficit.” “The second law that will be passed is the Federal Budget Bill of 2020.”

He added that “the third stage of passing laws will include the Federal Court Law,” noting that “the retirement law is contained within the House of Representatives and can be read, in addition to the election law and the distribution of electoral districts.”

Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives finished the first reading of the draft domestic and foreign borrowing bill to finance the fiscal deficit for 2020.

The council also voted on a resolution that obliges the Iraqi government to send the 2020 budget law this month.

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