Parliamentary Defense: The strategic agreement will go towards training, support, and exit of combat forces

Editing Date: 6/6/2020 13:34 • 19 times read


The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee confirmed today, Saturday, that the strategic agreement with the United States will go towards training, support and the exit of combat forces.

Member of the Committee, Deputy Badr Al-Ziyadi, said in a statement carried by the official agency that “the orientation of Iraq in this agreement will determine the work of foreign forces with logistical support and training only,” noting that “things have now changed from the stage in which the agreement was placed previously, so the tasks of foreign forces will be limited to Training, logistical support and departure of combat forces. ”

Al-Ziyadi added that “the priority is to preserve the sovereignty of Iraq and that decisions taken by the coalition forces should be with the knowledge of the Iraqi government,” noting that “the coalition forces were previously planning and implementing and then declaring that, but today things have changed, and Iraq must be the decision-maker.”

He explained that “after the House of Representatives voted to remove foreign forces from Iraq, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi informed the House of Representatives that he would hold several sessions with these forces or the US government to negotiate for the purpose of amending this agreement,” noting that “a preliminary committee was formed and then a high committee will be formed Between the two sides. ”

Al-Ziyadi stressed that “the House of Representatives and the Security and Defense Committee will have a major role in following up the work of the committees, and they will review all the details that the Iraqi committees will provide,” stressing that “under the amendment of the agreement, all air, water and land must be under the command of the Iraqi leadership, which preserves On sovereignty. ”

He pointed out that “the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, MP Mohamed Reda, within the Supreme Committee for the Implementation of the Agreement,” explaining that “the agreement contains many paragraphs, and many of these paragraphs will be modified to serve and serve the interest of Iraq.”

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee had confirmed earlier that the strategic dialogue with Washington will start in the middle of next month, stressing that the Iraqi-American negotiations came according to a request from the American side to the previous government.

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