Al-Halbousi and Al-Kazemi make a promise to minorities to represent them in the Iraqi government





Iraqi government

06/20/2020 06:48:54

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Shafaq News / Representatives of minorities in the Iraqi parliament said on Saturday that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi promised to grant minorities government representation, stating that there is a ministerial entitlement to minorities in the Al-Kazemi government.  

Representative Qusay Abbas told a press conference in the presence of Representatives Nawfal Al-Nashi and Saeb Khadr, that the heads of parliament and ministers stressed the need to give minorities ministerial representation within the Al-Kazemi government. 

He added that the Prime Minister promised to take into account the presence of components in senior management positions, noting that the Iraqi minority minorities cannot be acquired by one or managed by one entity at the expense of another.  

Nashi, for his part, told Shafak News correspondent, that the Presidency of the Parliament, the Prime Minister and heads of political blocs are currently holding a meeting on obtaining a political consensus to pass the candidates to the vacant ministries.

He added that there is acceptance and rejection of some of the names nominated for the vacant ministries, noting that the meeting was delayed until this time and was later than scheduled due to the meeting that is currently taking place in the office of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi.

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