Member of Parliamentary Finance: The state does not control non-oil imports .. and details of the budget

Time: 06/2020 2020 21:07:07

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The decision of the Parliamentary Millions Committee, Ahmad Al-Saffar, saw the state’s inability to control non-oil imports, while revealing important details about the federal budget for 2020.

Al-Saffar {for Walt News} said that, “In the parliament’s session yesterday, Wednesday, the internal and external borrowing paragraph was presented, but the trend shifted through discussions and we asked the government to send the draft budget, which will result in approval of borrowing if the government needs actual borrowing.”

He added, “We called for the project to be fully informed of the volume of public revenues that enter the Ministry of Finance as well as the amount of public spending so that we have knowledge of the amount of the deficit and the possibility of financing it,” noting that “in the case of insufficient local resources from deficit financing, we may resort to internal rather than external borrowing.”

Al-Saffar continued, “We stopped external borrowing to bridge the deficit in the 2019 budget because we felt that it posed a threat to future generations in the future and the internal loan was relied upon,” describing the current crisis as “temporary and unreal for a time mismatch between revenue and urgent expenses”

He explained that “the existence of this temporary crisis is due to the drop in oil prices, and since the reason has begun to recover, therefore it is possible to rely on other sources.” .

Al-Saffar added, “The state is not leaders in controlling and appropriating all non-oil revenues. There is a significant leakage and waste in important revenues that relate to border outlets, customs taxes, tax authority and state real estate, and from the General Secretariat and municipalities, so it is assumed that the government addresses the issues on both sides of the equation and not focus on salary deductions, which It is only 2%. ”

He added, “The budget law is still a project with the government, so we expect, according to the Financial Management Law, and the budget theory will be semi-annual, private and operational, not investment.” He attributed the reasons for this to “the remainder of the budget period that is not sufficient to complete investment projects and the possibility of posting to the next 2021 budget.” 

He said al – Saffar at the end of his speech, said that ” the budget will focus on the operational side of the initial salaries and the ration card, medicines and other supplies, and the government until Kprlman We give the end of June to submit the budget” .anthy

Wafa Fatlawi


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