Parliament ends reading the borrowing law and discusses the implementation of the grant for poor families

Editing Date: 6/3/2020 19:09


The House of Representatives ended in its second session of the fourth parliamentary session for the second legislative year of the second legislative term that was held under the chairmanship of Muhammad al-Halbousi, Speaker of the Council today, Wednesday 3 and in the presence of 184 deputies, reading the local borrowing law And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to finance the financial deficit and discussed a mechanism for implementing the grant for poor families approved by the Council of Ministers due to the Corona pandemic. The

At the beginning of the session, the parliament concluded, according to the media office statement of the House of Representatives, “reading the draft of the domestic and foreign borrowing law to finance the fiscal deficit for 2020 submitted by the Finance Committee, due to the delay in approving the federal public budget for 2020 and the spread of the Corona pandemic in the world and the decline in crude oil prices significantly as the government faces Iraqi has difficulty financing public spending and in order to facilitate financing the necessary public expenditures. ”

For his part, the speaker noted that “the law does not excuse the government from sending the draft budget bill for the year 2020 to the House of Representatives.”

Then, the parliament voted on “a resolution requiring the government to expedite the sending of the draft general budget bill for the year 2020 to the parliament no later than 30 June 2020”.

Al-Halbousi directed that “the Finance Committee host representatives of the General Retirement Authority and the Ministry of Finance to discuss the reasons for the delay in the distribution of the salaries of retirees who were referred to retirement.”

In turn, the representative of the government referred to “the cabinet’s discussion of ways to finance the general budget items according to priority, warning that not going to borrow makes the state unable to pay salaries to employees, indicating that there is a financial deficit of 35 trillion dinars for the remaining months of the year.”

The council discussed “the issue of following up the implementation of the grant for poor families due to the spread of the Corona pandemic, in the presence of Adel Hashush, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Minister of Social Protection.”

The minister explained that “the emergency grant approved by the Council of Ministers to grant an amount of 30 thousand to ten million Iraqis does not receive a government salary by allocating an amount of 600 billion dinars from the central bank spent for two months at 300 billion a month, noting that the first payment launched before the Eid holiday in various proportions due to The imposition of a curfew in cooperation with local telecommunications companies, pointing out that the number of grantees reached more than 14 million citizens and after checking the data by the ministers, 4 million people were excluded because they did not meet the conditions.

The interventions of the deputies focused on “knowing the reasons for the delay in the payment of grants to citizens, especially the unemployed grant and the emergency grant, in addition to the lack of clarity in the mechanism for the distribution of grants by the ministry and its instructions, in addition to calling for the need to combat the doors of corruption to fill the financial deficit, and inquire about the proportion of the Kurdistan region out of the total The amount allocated to the emergency grant, in addition to requiring the Ministry of Labor to put in place an appropriate mechanism to spend the specified amount from the crisis cell, and to adopt a professional standard for identifying the poorest areas in Iraq to ensure social justice.

The interventions pointed to “the importance of providing members of the House of Representatives with tables that clarify the percentage of the grant distribution to each governorate and the number of governorates that have been presented on the grant in order to achieve justice in the distribution between citizens, and inquire about the exact time to release the remainder of the amount of the grant to those who are entitled to, and demand the creation of an additional mechanism for abusive citizens who do not use devices Communication and the necessity of the ministry relying on the mechanism of field survey of the regions to know the poor groups, and demanding the government’s commitment to implement the Social Protection Law that the House of Representatives legislated without going to personal jurisprudence, and demanding to know the reasons for the failure of citizens in Nineveh Governorate to include the social welfare grant for years and until now, pointing to the existence of Corruption in the file of foreign labor as a result of the entry of hundreds of thousands of workers into Iraq without taking leave from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. ”

In his response to the interventions during the session, which Hassan al-Kaabi presided over aside, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs indicated that “the observations of the deputies will be a road map for the future work of the ministry, indicating that setting the poverty line standard is not within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor but rather from the tasks of the Ministry of Planning, stressing the inclusion of citizens In the Kurdistan Region with the emergency grant by presenting them through the communication networks Cork and Asia Celle, noting the need for some laws related to the Ministry’s work to amend by the legislative authority to cope with the current conditions, expressing the Ministry’s readiness to conduct field visits to governorates that suffer from high poverty line rates.

In another matter, I directed the Presidency of the Council to hold a meeting next Saturday at eleven in the morning between the heads of the parliamentary blocs and the Legal Committee in order to review and audit the final version of the Parliament’s election law that was previously voted upon and the electoral districts.

Then it was decided to adjourn the session to next Saturday 6/6/2020.

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