The Iraqi government officially approached the parliament for external borrowing


05/19/2020 10:23:12

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Twilight News / announced MP from the bloc open parliamentary Fadel Fatlawi, on Sunday, for sending the government of Iraqi writers to parliament on borrowing outside .

He said Fatlawi told Twilight News, that ” the government is not able to resort to borrowing the outside without the approval of the Council of Representatives ” , pointing to the ” last stopped borrowing external in the budget of 2019″.

He added that ” the Council of Ministers sent a book to the parliament to discuss the request of the government and resort to borrowing outside to fill the deficit in the draft law of the budget general for the year 2020″.

Among Fatlawi, that ” the Ministry of Finance and experts economists will assess the need of Iraq actual to loans foreign, then it will determine the countries to resort to bridge the deficit fiscal in the budget public .”

The source in the Council of Ministers of Iraq revealed on Thursday (21 May this ) for asylum the government to borrow from three banks and government to secure the salaries of employees for the months of May / May this and June / June next .

As expected adviser economic government of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Tuesday (26 May this ) to resort the government to borrow financial to secure the salaries of employees and workers in the sector public .

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