Political forces agree to pass Allawi’s government on condition that a date be set for early elections

Baghdad / news

Member of the House of Representatives for the Iraqi Forces Alliance, Abdullah Khurbit, suggested that an extraordinary session of parliament be held early next week to vote on the government of designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi.

In a statement to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Al-Akhbariya followed, commenting on the meeting held by the political forces at the house of Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi, on the evening of Tuesday, that, “The political forces that participated in the meeting agreed to pass the Allawi’s government, provided that a date is set for a procedure Early elections and be part of the government program for the Prime Minister, “indicating that” this condition came with a Kurdish-Sunni consensus.

He added: “It was agreed to form a unified committee between the Kurds and the Sunnis, and a meeting will be held between the two parties on Wednesday to follow up the results of the first meeting with the Shiite forces, where the demands of the Kurds and Sunnis were clearly heard.”

Al-Kharbit revealed that “a committee will be formed to bring the views of the Kurds closer to the Sunnis, and between the Prime Minister-designate to overcome the obstacles between the two sides.”

He explained that “it was agreed that the political blocs have the right to veto any name without nominating anyone, and the prime minister has the right to choose only.”


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