Kurdish delegation agreed with Maliki on the fundamentals of the Allawi government

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02/19/2020 13:32:36

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Shafak News / A Kurdish delegation representing the political forces in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq agreed on Wednesday that the prospective government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi should be transitional and represent all Iraqis and work to contain the crisis in the country.

This came during al-Maliki’s reception of the delegation headed by the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hoshyar Zebari.

A statement issued by al-Maliki’s office, reported to Shafak News, said that the meeting “discussed developments in the political situation throughout the country and ways to enhance prospects for cooperation between the parties in the political process and the way the formation of the transitional government headed by Mr. Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi.”

The two sides stressed, according to the statement, “the necessity of preserving the principle of political accommodation and achieving more harmony in managing the transitional phase in preparation for more stable political and social conditions.”

The meeting expressed their “hope to form a transitional government that represents all Iraqis and contributes to overcoming the state of political blockage in order for the government to be coherent and able to achieve services and meet the aspiration of the Iraqi people.”

Allawi had called hours ago, Parliament, to hold a session next Monday in order to give confidence to his cabinet, which he said consisted of competent independents.

Allawi pledged to hold accountable those involved in the violence during the protests, and to work to hold early elections away from the influence of arms, money, and external interference, and to improve the living conditions of Iraqis.


One thought on “Kurdish delegation agreed with Maliki on the fundamentals of the Allawi government

  1. One always has to wonder about ANY press release from Maliki. He is always trying to representhimself as still relevant. I could be missing it but I don’t see Allawi anywhere in that picture. This looks like a bunch of has beens from Iraq’s past.

    Looks like posturing to me…


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