The supreme authority stresses the speedy formation of a government that will conduct early elections that restore the confidence of the people and condemn the attacks on peaceful demonstrators and security forces

Editing Date: 01/31/2020 14:02 • 50 times read

[Karbala-Ain] The

supreme religious authority stressed the peaceful demonstrations and the speedy formation of the government.

“It has been four months since the popular movement demanding reform and ridding the country of the clutches of corruption and failure that pervaded various state institutions and departments, and during this period I asked A lot of innocent blood, wounding, and injuring thousands of citizens, and there are still some clashes that result in more innocent victims. ”

He added, “The religious authority, once again confirming its condemnation of the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators and the assassinations and kidnappings of some of them, and its categorical rejection of trying to break up peaceful gatherings and sit-ins using violence and force, at the same time it rejects the aggression of some of the security forces and government agencies The acts of sabotage and threats against some educational and service institutions and all that violates the security of citizens and harms their interests, and warns that these unjustified actions will not serve as a substitute for the mass public presence to pressure towards responding to the reformist demands On the contrary, it leads to a decline in solidarity with the protest movement and its participants. ”

Sheikh Al-Karbalai stressed, “On the other hand, the continuation of the current crisis and political, economic and security instability is not in the interest of the country and the future of its children. It must be prepared to get out of it by accelerating the formation of the new government. With the necessary steps to conduct free and fair elections as soon as possible. ”

And, “Returning to the polls to determine what the people see is the appropriate option in the present situation, in view of the divisions witnessed by the political forces from different components, and the differences of viewpoints among them regarding priority in the next stage, and their inability to agree on the necessary reforms demanded by most of the people.” Citizens, which exposes the country to more risks and problems, so it is imperative to speed up the holding of early elections so that the people will have their say, and the next parliament that emanates from its free will is concerned with taking the necessary steps for reform and issuing the crucial decisions that determine the future of the country. He was born, especially with regard to preserving his sovereignty, independence of his political decision, and his unity over land and people.

He said, “Finally: It remains to point out that the religious authority strongly condemns the unjust plan recently revealed to give (legitimacy) to the occupation of more usurped Palestinian lands, and it affirms its standing with the oppressed Palestinian people in its adherence to its right to regain its occupied lands and establish its independent state, and calls Arabs, Muslims and all the world are free to support him in that. ”


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