Balshart received a message from the demonstrators of Dhi Qar … and revealed its contents

Time: 1/31/202 2:41 PM

(Baghdad: Al Furat News), a spokesman for the demonstrators of Dhi Qar Governorate, Alaa al-Rikabi, revealed on Friday, a meeting that he accompanied with a number of demonstrators with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Blashart.

“After receiving an invitation from the United Nations Mission, we were able to set an appointment with Jenin Blaskhardt, the United Nations representative in Iraq, on Thursday, 30 January, and meet her,” al-Rikabi said in a statement.

He explained that “the aim of the meeting was to deliver Blachshart a message that includes the goals of our peaceful revolution, all the violence and crimes that we were subjected to, the numbers of martyrs, the wounded, the handicapped, and all the challenges and demands of our current stage.”

Al-Rikabi revealed the text of the message that was delivered to Blaskhart in the two-hour meeting, “We are in Dhi Qar Governorate and after 4 months have passed since our peaceful movement and after the fall of more than 120 martyrs of our youth and more than 1,200 wounded, we came here to convey our message to you through the Secretary-General of the Nations United States and the international community that this movement that started in 10/1/2019 and that all spectra of the Iraqi people participate is peaceful movement and demands in accordance with the Iraqi law, constitution and international standards, but our response is excessive violence by the security services. ”

He added, “Many of the martyrs were killed by snipers’ bullets as of day 10/1 and tear gas canisters were used from close distances against the demonstrators, which resulted in direct injuries to the (mouth, eye and skull) that caused death and large numbers of wounded. The killing cases were not investigated. With snipers’ bullets, none of them was arrested and no specific party was charged, knowing that it happened in several governorates at the same time.

He pointed out that “the widespread reports indicated that the tear gas grenades were three times heavier than the regular charges and that their launch distance was 400 meters instead of 150 meters, and this raises questions and doubts.”

Al-Rikabi asked, “Were these bombs for civilian use to disperse the demonstrators or for military use? The Iraqi Minister of Defense stated that these types of tear gas were not imported by any government agency.”

And he added, “Where did it come from and how did it get into the hands of the security forces ?! Note that in our field medical detachments we dealt with severe cases of asphyxia in clinical symptoms similar to cases of asphyxia in nerve gases.”

“On October 25, the second phase of the peaceful demonstrations began, and from the early hours government forces used excessive lethal force and intensive use of various types of tear gas, live bullets, rubber bullets and (fracture) hunting rifles.”

He explained, “On Thursday, 28 November, there was a violent armed attack in which light and medium weapons were used, led by the criminal Jamil Al-Shammari, and the outcome was more than 70 martyrs and 400 wounded.”

Al-Rikabi told his message, “The end result to date has exceeded 600 martyrs and more than 20 thousand wounded and four thousand disabled persons throughout Iraq. Human losses of this magnitude occur only in two cases of wars between the armies of two countries or a state of natural disasters of a large size and what happened with us is A crime against humanity. ”

“We all went out with a peaceful demonstration and did not carry a weapon and no public institution or private property was attacked,” he said, noting that “the desperate youth from life and the future went out to seek life and the future in a country that is among the richest countries and its people among the poorest peoples and the least services.”

He stressed, “We, as activists, would like to show that all of our movement is peaceful, and if some unacceptable behavior occurred in it, it was rejected by the majority of the demonstrators.”

“We came today and we are part of many segments that participated in the peaceful movement, hoping to transfer our legitimate demands to the United Nations Secretary-General, demanding that government officials responsible for acts of violence, repression and killings be referred to international courts for violating international human rights instruments,” al-Rikabi said.

Al-Rikabi called for “pressure on the Iraqi government to expedite the implementation of the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and commitment to constitutional terms, and the intervention of the international organization to find a solution to reduce tension and establish civil peace and stability in all of Iraq.” is over

Ammar Al-Mousawi


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