News of a deadline to political forces until Saturday to choose the prime minister … and the “imminent discount” is no longer believed by the citizen

Baghdad / Obelisk: An informed source revealed, Wednesday, January 29; January 2020, that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, had given the political blocs until Friday evening regarding the candidate of the Prime Minister.

The source said in an interview with local media, that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, had given the political blocs until Friday evening to present a non-controversial candidate for prime minister.

Otherwise, Saleh will assign an independent figure who will accept the street, he added.

A source close to the President of the Republic, last Tuesday, had denied through the “obelisk”, agreement on a candidate for prime minister, while the leaks reveal political settlements about the next government, whose results are not known exactly.

The source said that the news that talked about agreeing on the candidate for prime minister is unfounded, in a clear indication of the difficulty of getting out of the bottleneck, where parties, parliamentary blocs and protesters exchange the right to name.

Rather, the scene paints marathon negotiations between the political class and the demonstrators, resulting in an endless debate about the characteristics of the next prime minister, who cannot pass without regional consensus as well, according to observers. 

At the time of writing this report, the media and social media are providing the names of candidates, and there has been widespread debate among supporters and opponents. For the Iraqis, the matter came to the conclusion that even the phrase “imminent discount” of the prime minister’s file did not cross the topic of interest, after it was frequently repeated by MPs and politicians.

And every day, the name of the candidate with the greatest probability changes, between names, as soon as they are put forward until the agenda of their downfall begins, whether in the arena of demonstrations, or through the media, where each party has its own goals and objectives.

Sources conveyed the message of President Barham Salih to the political blocs, the following is its text without the obelisk confirmation of its validity period until the writing of this report:

 The President of the Republic for the parliamentary blocs 

Iraq faces dangerous political junctures that compel us all to confront it responsibly, to avoid further complications in the Iraqi scene, and to fulfill the legitimate demands of the people to form a new government that will pave the way for the upcoming elections.

Since Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi submitted his official resignation to the parliament, political and parliamentary debates were launched for the purpose of choosing a candidate to take over the government, and unfortunately due to political debates and tensions, these deliberations did not lead until today to an understanding of a “non-controversial” candidate for the presidency of the parliament. The ministers are able to address the requirements of the stage and achieve the political and popular consensus required to cross the country to safety and restore order and prepare for the upcoming elections, which called the supreme religious authority, national powers and demonstrators to demand those concerned to expedite the resolution of the government formation file. 

Events are accelerating and the scene is getting more complicated on the official and popular levels. There are increasing numbers of martyrs and victims from peaceful demonstrators and security forces, and we believe that the biggest node lies in reaching reasonable borders to agree on the new candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers, and certainly that continuing the current situation is a matter It is impossible to warn of great danger and greater complexity. 

I call on you, as parliamentary blocs concerned with the nomination of the Prime Minister, to resume constructive and serious political dialogue in order to agree on a new candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers with popular approval and submit it to the Presidency of the Republic in order to issue the mandate order. Inevitably, you estimate that the President of the Republic has a national and constitutional duty to push towards resolving the crisis, and if the concerned blocs are not able to resolve the nomination order by no later than Saturday, February 1, 2019, I see an obligation to exercise my constitutional powers by assigning those whom I find most acceptable to parliament and people. Output framework of the consultations I had during the last period with political forces and popular activities.

You have great appreciation and respect,

and may God’s peace ,  mercy, and blessings be upon you

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