Al-Khalidi reveals the name “the favorite to head the government” and confirms: Great pressure on Saleh to not pass him

27-01-2020 10:44 AM

Baghdad / news

The head of the Parliamentary Bloc of Al-Khair bloc, Muhammad Al-Khaldi, confirmed today, Monday, that great pressure is being exerted on the president of the republic under the pretext that the deadline for selecting a candidate has been prolonged, in order not to pass the candidate for the post of prime minister, who is still the most fortunate, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, as he did not submit to the dictates that tried Political blocs imposed on him.

Al-Khalidi said in statements followed by “Al-Akhbariya”, “The President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, has resisted throughout the past period, despite the fact that the deadline for forming the government has been prolonged, so we do not want under the pretext of time pressure that the blocs that do not think of Iraq’s interest succeed as much as they think of their interests.” A candidate assigned by the President of the Republic to proceed in Parliament, although it is not the best option. ”

He added, “There are several candidates, among them candidates who were subject to the dictates of the blocs, because the candidate who was not subject to any of these pressures and demanded by the demonstrators is Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi,” noting that “in the absence of the largest bloc, it is necessary to go to a road, even if it is not correct. The path of consensus, which is either that the President of the Republic sends several names to Parliament for the purpose of agreeing on one of them or adopts what the demonstrators presented and was supported by about 60 deputies in Parliament, which will be seen in the next few days.

Al-Khalidi explained that “the development of events makes us obligated to swift measures that contain the crisis in an optimal way, especially as the reference has reiterated its position on the necessity of resolving the prime minister candidate in the fastest time. The street and mass demonstrations have taken on an escalating nature and the gap has increased between the citizen and politicians after the high level of feeling of procrastination and procrastination. In meeting the demands. ”

Al-Khaldi pointed out that “putting forward any controversial or weak candidates or supported by foreign or partisan agendas, which means firing a bullet of mercy on the entire political process. Therefore, logic and wisdom necessitate assigning the President of the Republic to those who have national powers and personalities with signatures exceeding sixty sign and consistent with the demands The masses and the attributes they set for the candidate. ”

The building bloc had formally presented the name of Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani and Asaad Al-Eidani, who were met by the protesters and others, and the President of the Republic rejected them in turn, which escalated the tension inside the political class.

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