The head of a parliamentary bloc announces that there is almost agreement to present a candidate for prime minister within two days

Editing Date: 1/26/2020 11:55


The head of the Bayraq Al-Khair Parliamentary Bloc, Muhammad Al-Khaldi, announced today, Sunday, the political forces ’agreement to submit a candidate for the presidency of the new government within the next two days.

Al-Khalidi said in a press statement, “There are signs to solve the crisis of the candidate for the presidency of the new government.”

He added that “his bloc held a dialogue with the influential parties, and as a result, there was almost agreement to choose one candidate between the names in circulation and present it within the next two days, to the President of the Republic to assign him to form a new government.”

And the supreme religious authority confirmed in last Friday’s sermon that the formation of the new government was long overdue by constitutionally determined period, so it is necessary for the various parties concerned to cooperate to end this file according to the foundations referred to earlier, because it is an important step in the way of resolving the current crisis. .

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