Spokesman of wisdom for the Euphrates: a breakthrough for the candidate’s crisis at the end of the week

Time: 1/26/2020 11:52 PM

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The official spokesman for the National Wisdom Movement, Nofal Abu Ragheef, revealed the relief of the presidential candidate crisis this weekend, while stressing that the demonstration squares are indispensable.

Abu Ragheef said, for the program (very soon) broadcast on the Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, that “what Iraq has witnessed since 120 days is an ambiguous moment in media stances, auctions, misleading public opinion and changing positions, but against this confusion, retreat, and tragedy in the administrative field, schools, squares, and the decline in public life In Iraq, there is a question of awareness.

He added that “the Iraqi street today has an area of awareness and is able to diagnose, sort and review the positions and launch objective judgments and distinguish between the opportunist and the honest.”

Abu Ragheef continued, “In the whole world, those who lead the movement and move the atmosphere reap political and material gains; but the silent majority has educational, social and psychological calculations,” noting that “we do not expect the silent majority to take to the street, especially after Iraq witnessed inconsistencies and overlapping positions.”

He explained that “there are those who spoil the system and stop public life, schools, and public life, so who can bear this sin? And is this a reform for Iraq?” In return, we do not call for ever to abandon the slogans of reform, but on a clear basis determined by the supreme religious authority, “stressing, “The Compass of Wisdom is the compass of reference, its directives and how it interacts with the event.”

And Abu Ragheef added, “Wisdom pays a tax to his political leaders, and he carries political awareness and his sons carry a political culture. In the end, this issue has a tax, so there are those who can target this trend,” recalling, “We were early in declaring the opposition and we came out with a public demonstration, and some of the forces that advocated With the demonstrations today, I stood before wisdom one day. ”

He continued, “We announced from the first day our clear solidarity with the demands of the arenas. Yesterday, the head of the National Wisdom Movement announced his refusal to break up the demonstrations by force at the same time, and we were still emphasizing the respect of the security services and state institutions,” expressing “pride in wisdom as {the barrier” between family and clans. .

Abu Ragheef added, “Our destiny is that we, the sons of Iraq, cannot dispense with the demonstration arenas and political forces, and the ambiguous situation in the country and the difference in attitudes reflects a clear difference in attitudes, and the statements and positions of Mr. Ammar al-Hakim are consistent with the guidelines of the reference.”

He noted, “We do not stand against any party, and we were the first to vote in the parliament on the exit of foreign forces, and among the first supporters of the demonstrations, which are not hybrid positions, but we believe that we are part of the opposing sides in the street and are looking for realistic solutions.”

On resolving a non-controversial candidate for prime minister, Abu Ragheef said, “There is no person who is not controversial in Iraq, and if we assume his presence, we will enter into an argument as to who nominated him from the blocs.” Noting that there are acceptable names for a candidate; A certain and publicly disagree on him, as the dialectic does not end and the political arena needs mutual concessions between the blocs.

He pointed out that he lied to those who say that the international dimension and factor do not exist in Iraq, and it is clear and effective not only in Iraq, as interests are the ones who govern. A recent breakthrough in the political blockage that exists to withdraw the data.

Abu Ragheef stated that “there is a clause in the constitution that allows the president of the republic to appoint someone whom he deems appropriate to head the government,” noting that “we are a state of institutions in which there is no constitutional vacuum, and unconditional dialogue is an entry point for acceptance of the other.”

“Today we pay the price of our support for the demonstrations and we believe that the destiny of Iraq is coexistence and we do not believe in carrying weapons and possess the courage and we call for the continuation of the demonstrations; The crowd as an official security institution. ”

Abu Ragheef concluded his dialogue by sending a message to some of the civilian critics and those who protested for political performance and insulting the parties, saying, “In order to come, reform and change, you will organize or like to political coordination in order to conduct political work in Parliament, and you will start organizing electoral campaigns. He must remember that there will come from The street criticizes his performance, and he must act wisely in reviewing the positions. “He finished

Wafa al-Fatlawi


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