Political analyst: a sudden candidate for everyone within 72 hours

Time: 1/26/2020 9:11 PM

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The political analyst asserted that, within the next 72 hours, a surprising candidate to head the next government will be decided.

And Adnan Al-Sarraj’s explanation {for Al-Furat News} causes the obstruction of the upcoming prime minister’s nomination to “clear political differences and the inability to conform between the Iraqi street and the blocs, in addition to external interventions that work to prevent the formation of the new government.”

He pointed out that “parties {he did not name} intentionally burn the nominated names by leaking them with the title (popular)”, noting that “it is not possible to deviate from the constitutional scope in the nomination subject except by referring to the largest bloc.”

Al-Sarraj said that “it was agreed to form the largest bloc and refer to {the marchers and conquests}, thus nominating the same mechanism.”

Al-Sarraj, the Federal Court, the Prosecutor and the President of the Republic, held “the full responsibility for the constitutional violations that accompanied a personal mandate for the prime minister,” explaining “procrastination and procrastination by jumping on the constitution.”

He continued, “There can be no quick steps to resolve the candidate because of the Iraqi street’s rejection of the offered names,” adding that “some of the names are unacceptable to their foreign orientations and their political backgrounds.”

He pointed out, “We, as observers of political affairs, have not found indications proving agreement on the name of a specific candidate until this moment,” revealing “the existence of a debate between the political blocs touring the five names presented at the discussion table.”

Al-Sarraj concluded his statement by saying, “I am certain that the next 72 hours will be decisive and the name of an unknown and surprising candidate will be presented to everyone.” He emphasized that “the next stage needs a strong and acceptable man supported by the political blocs and the Iraqi street to restore the prestige of the state and enhance security and stability in the provinces.”

And criticized the Supreme Religious Authority, through its representative, Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi, in the Friday plan he presented in the Al-Husseini Al-Sharif dish, the formation of the new government was delayed by the constitutionally specified period, while  stressing the necessity of the cooperation of the various parties concerned to end this file according to the foundations referred to earlier, Usually, it is an important step in resolving the current crisis.

The supreme religious authority called on all Iraqi parties, to be aware of the risks that surround their homeland in this difficult period and to unite them on a unified stance on the main issues and the crucial challenges facing them, taking into account the higher interest of the Iraqi people present and future.

Wafa al-Fatlawi


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