Katyusha rockets are getting closer to the vicinity of the US embassy … and fears they will be targeted directly with new operations

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 A security source said, on Sunday, that one of the rockets that landed Sunday on the Green Zone hit the US embassy building.

The source said in an interview with local media, that “one of the rockets hit the US embassy building,” and the obelisk could not verify the details.

On Sunday, the Security Media Cell announced that five Katyusha rockets had landed in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

And resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, on Sunday, a statement on targeting the US embassy in Baghdad, while he indicated that he directed the security forces to search and investigate to prevent the recurrence of events.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received to the obelisk: “Once again, the aggression against a foreign diplomatic mission is repeated, with a number of Katyusha rockets falling inside the campus of the US embassy.”

Targeting operations around the US embassy are repeated on a regular basis, without specifying who is doing this.

Analyzes tend to confirm that the operations against the embassy will continue, to compel the American forces to withdraw from Iraq, as Iraqi parties embrace the project of its removal, as “occupied”, while it is not excluded that the embassy itself will be targeted in the next period of time, as the places of fall approach more and more than Perimeter of the fortified embassy,

But this will further complicate the security situation, and will make the conflict more intense in Iraq.

And the Baghdad Operations Command announced today, Tuesday, that the platform from which the missiles were launched towards the American embassy was found yesterday, according to Russia today.

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