Al-Issawi: Shiite and Sunni blocs have agreed to the next prime minister

Baghdad / Al-Ikhbariya:

The deputy of the Iraqi Forces Alliance Faleh Al-Issawi revealed, on Sunday, the approval of the Sunni and Shiite blocs on a candidate to head the next government, indicating that the next two days will witness the nomination of the candidate.

Al-Issawi said in a televised statement, followed by “Al-Akhbaria”, that “there are two names for the prime minister, and one person has been approved by the Shiite and Sunni forces and has been put before the Kurdish blocs.”

He added, “The candidate cannot be named, except that he is close to the general situation and holds an executive position in the current sustenance, and he may be assigned within the next two days.”

And he added, “The President of the Republic has the right to assign a personality to the Prime Minister to end the crisis without any delay.”

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