Sheikh of Bani Malik clans, after a meeting with Basra activists, promises to al-Aidani dismissal

Local | 10:44 – 25/01/2020

BAGHDAD – Mawazine News, 

leader of the Bani Malik tribe, Sheikh Dergham al-Maliki, has vowed to revolt against Basra governor Asaad al-Eidani.

In his host, al-Maliki held a meeting with Basra activists and demonstrators that ended with a phone call tomorrow to all the public sheikhs in Basra, and giving an argument to them and finding out if they were satisfied with the (insult to their children) after the peaceful sit-in tents were burned yesterday night, and

a statement issued after the meeting indicated that after the agreement elders “will be set up tents the names of the tribes supporting elders to sit and raise Baargaha in Suh sit.”

It is the demands that will adopt a sit -in Basra , also in addition to the demands of the president is ” the sacking of the governor of Basra , Asaad Alaidani and the dismissal of the commander of Basra Qasim operations Nazzal and Basra police chief Rashid Falih wiped out Bits. ”

Also will ask for” the dismissal of the commander of shock forces Ali Mishari. ”

Sheikh Dergham al-Maliki sent a message to the Basra sheikhs to meet the call tomorrow and support the people of Basra in Suh requesting reform and change and preserving their dignity and the dignity of the province. M hn

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