Legal: Abdul-Mahdi is a key partner in killing protesters in accordance with the constitution


Baghdad – news

Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi confirmed today, Saturday, that the resigned commander in chief of the armed forces, Adel Abdel-Mahdi, was a key partner in killing protesters in accordance with the constitution.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Akhbaria that, “According to Iraqi law, Article 24 of the Military Penal Code, the matter is responsible for the crime and is considered a partner even if he does not give the orders to kill,” noting that “the same is the case in Article 52 of the Internal Security Forces Law and even in the Iraqi Penal Code Article 48 and 49 are held accountable for incitement, direction, and assistance, and commanders are held accountable for intentional killing, causing disabilities and bodily harm.

And he added, “Articles 6, 7 and 28 of the International Criminal Court Law punished the leaders for genocide and crimes against humanity even if they did not give orders because their duty necessitates their knowledge.” Likewise, the ruling of the Criminal Court in Cairo imposed on Hosni Mubarak for the same matter and the killing of demonstrators, in addition to the fact that these crimes are not subject to statute of limitations.

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