Sadr Declares A Temporary Halt To “Resistance” Against The American Presence

Last update January 24, 2020

Al-Mustaqila / Al-Sadr announced the end of the resistance against the American presence in Iraq, calling for scheduling the American military withdrawal, while thousands of protesters continued to flock to the Tahrir Square in the center of the capital.

On Friday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced an initiative to stop temporarily to resist the foreign presence in Iraq, schedule the exit of the “occupier’s forces” and enter a truce with him, and not Iraq to go to war with him and punish those who violate the truce, calling on the government to adopt or amend it and then adopt it.

In a speech delivered at the demonstrators, who went out in Baghdad calling for the exit of the American forces and their ” independent ” followers , he added, “Although we wore hearts on the shields, we were and are still martyrdom projects for the sake of religion and the homeland, but we are sensitive to the conditions of Iraq and its people. The scales. ”

He indicated that, therefore, every effort will be made to not throw Iraq into another war with the sinful occupant who perched on the chest of Iraq, and as soon as it perched on him, “Until the corrupt people shed on us, Iraq’s wealth was lost, sectarian and ethnic rumors spread among us, violence in the midst of the Iraqi people, and the filling of Iraq in public mass graves and became A hotbed of terrorism and militias, poverty and disease spread, its sovereignty was violated, land and air, and its borders were wide open to those who fled and bore and became a stage for political conflicts, external interference, and even an arena for settling accounts with opponents and much more.

He added that all peaceful political, economic, social, cultural and popular methods will be exhausted. If the demand for scheduling the occupation forces is effectively and visually achieved on the ground, then this will continue.

He pointed out that the exit of the “occupier” can only be achieved by closing all American military bases present on Iraqi soil, closing the headquarters of American security companies and ending their work in Iraq, and closing the Iraqi airspace to the occupying war and intelligence in addition to canceling all security agreements with the occupant due to the absence of an international balance in them. Because it was approved in light of the occupation.

Al-Sadr called on US President Donald Trump not to deal in his speeches and decisions with Iraq with superiority, superiority, and systematicness, “otherwise we will meet him in kind.” The outputs will be dealt with on the basis of a non-occupied country, otherwise it is a country hostile to Iraq if it violates the conditions and the specified period.

On the Iraq side, he added, he will abide by declaring a temporary halt to the resistance until the last soldier leaves and work to punish anyone who tries to violate the sovereign armistice on either side. Al-Sadr stressed the necessity of merging the popular crowd with the Ministries of Defense and Interior, and in the event that this is not done, the crowd must fully comply with all decisions issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces as part of the security system.

Al-Sadr considered that achieving the sovereignty of Iraq and preserving its unity and territorial integrity is only possible with the departure of all foreign forces on its lands and the non-interference in Iraq’s affairs, especially political, economic and cultural affairs.

He called on the government to conclude non-aggression agreements and treaties with all neighboring countries based on mutual respect for sovereignty in accordance with the United Nations Charter and to prevent all official and unofficial parties from external communication except through official channels and with prior approval and the adoption of the principle of reciprocity with foreign countries to preserve the sovereignty and prestige of the state. He called on the government to protect the headquarters of diplomatic missions, embassies and their staff for all countries, prevent violations and hold perpetrators accountable.

The demonstrators flocked to Tahrir Square in Baghdad today in support of the protesters’ demands.


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