Killing and wounding 27 demonstrators in Baghdad

Time: 1/24/2020 7:54 PM

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} A security source and eyewitnesses reported that 27 protesters were killed and wounded in the capital, Baghdad.

“Two protesters were killed and 25 wounded during clashes between protesters and the security forces in Baghdad today, Friday,” she said.

The member of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ali Al-Bayati, revealed yesterday, in a press statement, the death toll and injuries among the demonstrators since the beginning of this month, and until yesterday.

Al-Bayati said that 16 protesters were killed in the capital, Baghdad, the central and southern governorates, after security forces used live bullets and tear gas canisters.

Al-Bayati added that 2364 people, most of them demonstrators, including 268 members of the security services, were wounded.

Amnesty International said in a report yesterday that more than 600 protesters have been killed since last October, noting that it has verified that Iraqi security has used live ammunition against the protesters.

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