Trump’s envoy: We do not abide by a decision unless it comes from an Iraqi government elected by the people

Editing Date: 1/3/2020 19:24

Baghdad _ Where}

US President’s Special Envoy, Donald Trump, for Syria and the International Alliance, James Jeffrey, explained on Thursday the mechanism by which his government will deal legally, with the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove foreign forces from Iraqi territory.

Jeffrey said, in a press conference, that “the decision of the Iraqi parliament is not binding on us and the agreement on our forces was with the Baghdad government,” noting that “this is our legal reference for dealing with the Iraqi parliament, which demanded our removal.”

He added: “The request of Parliament in this regard cannot be complied with unless the Iraqi government is elected by the Iraqi people.”

The US President’s envoy expressed his country’s readiness to meet the Iraqi government and agree on the status of the American forces.

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