Member of Parliament Security: Three sides will secure tomorrow’s demonstrations

Baghdad / Obelisk: A member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee revealed that the Saber Badr Al-Ziyadi coalition, Thursday, January 32, 2020, announced a joint security plan that had been prepared among several parties to secure the million-dollar demonstration that will be launched tomorrow morning against the foreign presence in Iraq.

In an interview with local media, Al-Ziyadi said, “Next Friday’s millionth demonstrations in which the Iraqi people from all governorates will be invited and which the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr has called is a historic and important event and there is a great effort being made to make the demonstration a success and optimize it.”

Noting that “there is a joint security plan and a meeting with the Baghdad Operations Command to discuss all measures to secure the demonstration.”

Al-Ziyadi added, “The members of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee on the Alliance walkers were a while ago in the leadership of the Baghdad operations, and during the meeting, all aspects of the demonstration plan to protect the demonstrators and protect the protesters and their safety were discussed.”

Pointing out that “there are clear instructions and there will be a joint effort between the security and intelligence forces, the people of the popular crowd and the blue caps, in addition to secret security services that will carry out their duties to protect the demonstration in an effort coordinated at the highest levels.”

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