Al-Fateh: High coordination to secure the Friday rally and the popular crowd will not participate

Baghdad / Obelisk: Thursday, January 23, 2020, the Al-Fateh coalition announced that there is high-level coordination with the security forces to secure the demonstration next Friday, confirming that the crowd was not involved in securing the methods of demonstrations demanding the removal of American forces.

“There are intense and high-level meetings of operational leaders to deploy security forces to secure a demonstration tomorrow, Friday, and to spread it along the roads, places near the demonstration to prevent any violations,” said al-Fath deputy Ahmad al-Kinani in an interview with local media.

He added that “the popular crowd will not participate in securing the demonstration tomorrow and will assign the task of securing it to the security forces in the army, the police and the rest of the formations within the Interior and Defense.”

Al-Kanani stressed that “there is a high-level coordination to complete the demonstration in a smooth way and to deliver the demonstrators to their voice rejecting the American presence without any escalation.”

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