The stream of wisdom: The appointment of the new Prime Minister was postponed yesterday for these reasons

BAGHDAD / … Member of the al-Hikma stream, Muhammad Husam, confirmed on Tuesday that the postponement of the mandate of the new prime minister by President Barham Salih yesterday came due to the ongoing political struggle over the so-called electoral benefits.

Hussam told “Eye of Iraq News” that “the issue of assigning the new prime minister has been postponed from yesterday, Monday to Tuesday, and we hope that things will go this day,” noting that “the political blocs are still putting objections and” veto “in front of some personalities And the names because there are differences between these personalities and their interests, in continuation of the narrow political and party interests approach, with great regret.

The head of the “Bayraq al-Khair” bloc, Muhammad al-Khalidi, announced yesterday, Monday, that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, will appoint a candidate on Monday evening to form a new government. Finished 2


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