Political expert: Saleh and Trump’s meeting with Switzerland is very important .. He will return next Thursday to resolve the prime minister



Baghdad – news

Iraqi political expert Wathiq Al-Hashemi stressed on Tuesday the importance of President Barham Salih meeting with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the Davos conference in Switzerland.

Al-Hashemi told Al-Akhbaria that the visit of the President of the Republic to Switzerland is very important, especially at the present time, because Iraq needs to communicate with the outside world in light of the pressures and significant interference in its affairs.

He added: “Saleh’s meeting with Trump is very important in light of the American escalation on Iraqi soil, as well as more important issues that Saleh will discuss during his visit.”

The expert Hashemi said: “Saleh will return next Thursday to Iraq, in order to resolve the prime minister’s file.”

It should be noted that an informed source in the Presidency Court said earlier today, in a statement to Al-Akhbariya, that the President of the Republic left for Switzerland to attend the Davos International Conference, after it was not possible to agree on the selection of a new Prime Minister during the meetings held today.





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