Iraqi “Hezbollah” Brigades threaten President Barham Saleh because of Trump


Arab World News


Iraqi President Barham Saleh

The faction of the “Hezbollah Brigades” in Iraq today threatened Iraqi President Barham Saleh with “expulsion from Baghdad”, in the event that US President Donald Trump met during the work of the “Davos” forum in Switzerland.

The security official in the Phalanges Abu Ali Al-Askari posted a tweet on Twitter, in which he wrote: “We stress the necessity of Barham Saleh’s commitment not to meet with the foolish Trump and the group of killers accompanying him.”

ابو علي العسكري@abualiaalaskry

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He added: “Otherwise, there will be a position of the Iraqis towards him, for violating the will of the people, and ignoring the fine blood that this gang spilled, and we will say then, neither welcome nor easy for you, and the free people of our children will drive him from Baghdad with dignity and pride.”

And Iraqi President Barham Saleh left today, Tuesday, to attend the “Davos” economic conference in Switzerland, where a number of world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, are scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the conference to discuss bilateral relations.

Source: RT

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