Sadr comments on the escalation of the demonstrators and sends a message about the candidate for prime minister

 Politics    01/20/2020 20:31  1268          

Baghdad today – Baghdad

On Sunday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, commented on the escalating steps taken by the demonstrators during the past hours and what they are preparing for during the coming hours after the end of the Nasiriyah deadline.  

“I respect the decision to escalate that the revolutionaries took,” said Al-Sadr, in a new tweet, published on his personal Twitter account.

He continued, “I hope that they are committed to peace, not to harm the security of the people, and to subject the country to a fierce civil war.”

“I respect the government’s decision – if any – to confront saboteurs and riots,” he added.

“But a distinction must be made between peaceful and saboteurs,” he said.

He stressed the necessity “not to force the crowd to confront them … this will harm them,” according to him.

He continued, “I also stress the speedy selection of a non-controversial candidate and submission to the President of the Republic, to be assigned to form a government.”

He said, “Stop politics, you guys, procrastinate, and a struggle for the sake of you is enough. Your people and Iraq are in danger.”

In conjunction with the end of the deadline for Nassiriya, which was announced by the city’s demonstrators a week ago, and supported by demonstrators in other governorates, the demonstrators stepped up the pace of their protest today, and this was represented by cutting off the road of Muhammad al-Qasim from the side of the nervous sentence hospital in central Baghdad, and paralyzing traffic in the city of Najaf, by cutting off The main roads, the closure of the Electricity Directorate and the Petroleum Products Department in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate, as well as cutting the Karbala-Najaf road and closing the Tax Department in Karbala and the Office of the Parliament.


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