Iraq: A tentative agreement to resolve the nomination of the Prime Minister .. Protests and road blocking continue

In Politics January 20, 2020 print version  




Partial opening of the streets of the Green Zone

Baghdad – Agencies: Iraqi parliamentary sources reported that the understandings between the political blocs led to an agreement, described in principle, to resolve the position of the next prime minister and choose a consensual figure acceptable from the street and reference, suggesting that the name be announced within the next few days. The Iraqi newspaper “Al-Sabah” quoted the deputy from the Alliance “Sayeroun” Riyad Al-Masoudi as saying that “the political forces have reached a full conviction of the necessity of choosing a personality that suits the nature of the stage and is not in accordance with the wishes of the political parties, and therefore it has moved from the stage of political rigidity to an actual and serious movement to choose a person leading the stage Transition without problems. ” Al-Masoudi suggested that “the coming few days will witness a solution to the crisis of choosing the next prime minister, according to specifications that the people accept and reference.” He added that “the transitional phase that will be determined will be by political agreement, as the constitution has not mentioned it.”

In addition, witnesses said that hundreds of protesters closed a number of bridges and set fire to tires in a number of streets in the city of Nasiriyah, the capital of Dhi Qar Governorate, south of Baghdad. Witnesses explained to the German News Agency (dpa) that large groups of demonstrators closed the bridges of victory and civilizations and tried to control the intersection of the lobby, the main in the city center, by burning tires, as well as closing government buildings, despite the large deployment of security forces And the Civil Defense Forces. Large numbers of demonstrators, including university students, flocked to Al-Haboubi Square, the main protest square in Nasiriyah, to support the demands of the demonstrators, waving Iraqi flags and chanting slogans calling for the nomination of an independent candidate to form the new government.

In the context, Iraqi protesters cut all major and commercial roads in Najaf, including the Najaf International Airport, in a continuation of the wave of protests that started last October. In the capital, Baghdad, eight Iraqi protesters were wounded in al-Tayaran Square, in confrontations with the security forces, after the square was completely closed. Negotiations between the Iraqi Federal Police and demonstrators failed to reopen the roads around the Flying Square and the Muhammad al-Qasim Highway. Protesters said the closure was in response to the tear gas and bullets being fired by the riot police. Baghdad has witnessed student demonstrations aimed at reaching Tahrir Square, one of the most important demonstration squares in the capital. Security forces entered the southern Iraqi province of Diwaniya in the extreme state of alarm, while protesters in Dhi Qar cut a number of major bridges. In the Karbala governorate, clashes took place between riot police and demonstrators in the Al-Baladiyah neighborhood.

The resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi did not lead the demonstrators to leave the protest arenas, but rather increased the pace of their movements in pursuit of the rest of their demands, foremost of which is the departure of the political elite accused of corruption, and its accountability, and the selection of an independent candidate for the presidency of the government that is moving Iraq towards peace and organizing early elections supervised by the nations United.

On the other hand, Major General of the Iraqi Traffic Police, Ammar Walid, revealed yesterday a partial reopening of the streets of the Green Zone towards the suspension bridge to remove traffic jams in the city of Baghdad against the backdrop of the closure of three major bridges due to the protest demonstrations. The Iraqi officer told the government television, “Iraqiya”: “On Sunday morning, the Green Zone was reopened with specified times in order to clear the traffic jams towards the suspension bridge on the side of Al-Karkh, against the backdrop of irrigated congestion in Baghdad against the backdrop of the closure of the bridges of the Republic, Al-Sanak and Al-Ahrar.” He explained that the suspension bridge was opened towards the Al-Alawi area and from Amman points towards Al-Qadisiyah road to the Baghdad airport road, back and forth from six in the morning until ten in the morning and from two in the afternoon until five in the evening. The Iraqi authorities have closed all entrances to the Green Zone against the backdrop of widening protests since its launch last October and until now.

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