Integrity reveals its report regarding salary localization and contracting with e-payment companies

Baghdad / … The Prevention Department at the Integrity Commission revealed, on Sunday, its report regarding the settlement of the salaries of state employees and contracting with electronic payment companies, calling on the central bank not to grant a license to these companies only after verification of the availability of all requirements, especially with regard to the management of anti-operations Money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Integrity Commission said in a statement received by “Eye of Iraq News” that “the department, in its report on the visits made by its team to the central bank and the Rafidain and Rashid banks, recommended the central bank to stop the work of the license and cancel it against companies that prove its default based on its powers stipulated in Electronic Payment Services Regulation No. (3 of 2014), after which the competent authority is concerned with the subject of electronic payment.

The report, a copy of which was sent to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Parliamentary and Integrity Committees and the offices of the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank, according to the statement, “The central bank obliges banks to provide customers with IBAN numbers as the localization account is an ongoing account to complete withdrawals and deposits and to remain On the same account after referring the employee to retirement, “explaining that” it is the responsibility of the Banking Control Department at the Central Bank to provide the money laundering office with suspicious reports regarding money laundering and terrorist financing, so that the office in turn takes the necessary measures. ”

And the report monitored, “The Ministry of Education and the Interior did not implement the content of Cabinet Resolution No. (281 of 2018) which included the employee’s right to choose a bank accredited to the Central Bank in the process of localizing salaries after circulating offers not less than (10) banks operating in the Emiratization system, calling The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to confirm the ministries need to adhere to this. ”

The report pointed out, “The banks associated with the national division do not comply with the Central Bank’s instructions to increase the number of ATMs and provide at least one ATM per 1,000 cards issued by the bank, in addition to the central bank not taking the necessary measures against a smart card company; For violating work according to the laws and instructions in force throughout its years of operation, bearing in mind that the company deals with more than five million citizens, in addition to the opening of accounts by another company without listing accounting restrictions that support what is included in the financial position; For the purpose of selling ” . Finished 2

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