Al-Nasr coalition refuses to reassign Abdel-Mahdi: change and early parliamentary elections

Baghdad / Obelisk: A member of the Al-Nasr coalition led by Haider al-Abadi confirmed on Saturday, January 18, 2020, that the coalition refused to re-assign resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to form a new government, while he indicated that with change and early parliamentary elections.

“We protest against what was proposed by the political blocs to reassign Adel Abdul Mahdi to form the government, because this proposal contradicts the demands of the masses, because there is blood that has been shed, and the blood of the martyrs should not be underestimated,” said coalition member Jassem Hammoud Al-Alawi.

He added, “We called for change before the mass movement, and we said that Abdul-Mahdi cannot be the man of the stage, and he failed in an unquestionable manner in running the country, handcuffed, and what confirmed our words and the words of al-Abadi the last popular movement that presented true demands.”

He pointed out, “The government is now silent on the assassinations that affect the activists, even though it claims that it is (the caretaker government) that the security file is still in its hands and it is assumed that there will be an account, whether for the security leaders or even the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and we have many days to come.” .

And on the participation of the Victory Coalition in political dialogues to get out of the political crisis and the formation of the next government, Al-Alawi said, “Victory and its Abadi leader were not absent from the political arena, but now an issue that does not favor the initiative from any party, and the topic has become relevant to all political partners, so the constitutional terms and understandings have become In the wind. ”

He continued, “Al-Abadi is one of the political leaders and most of the decision-makers consult Al-Abadi and take his opinion as he tends to change, because everyone is calling for change and that there are independent personalities in the administration of the government.”

And, “Al-Abadi presented an initiative that includes the formation of an interim government that will hold early elections, and during her term she will work on a draft amendment of the constitution, and these things we focused on before the start of the popular demonstrations.”

And local newspapers, and political sources, earlier, quoted an Iraqi-Iranian movement to keep Adel Abdul-Mahdi in his post, after the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

The resigned Prime Minister visited the Kurdistan Region last week, and met the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, which is the first visit of Adel Abdul-Mahdi to Erbil, since he took office 15 months ago, while observers indicate that it is an attempt by Abdul-Mahdi to win the region in favor of re-granting confidence in him .

 According to legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi, “The Prime Minister can be assigned again for a second session when he finishes his mission and his legal duration of 4 years, even if there is no constitutional text for that, but by analogy with what was stated in Article 77 of the constitution that specified the president’s term in two terms and that it applies The Prime Minister shall apply to the President of the Republic.

And revealed the former deputy in parliament, Jassem Mohammed, that political discussions took place between the blocs, recently, summarized by keeping the head of the caretaker government Adel Abdul Mahdi in power until early elections.


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