Abdul Mahdi’s advisor reveals the size of Iraq’s debts

January 18, 2020 | 2:24 PM   –   Views: 18 Views

Iraqi Position Network


The adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, revealed today, Saturday, that Iraq’s internal and external debts amounted to $ 70 billion, indicating that the settlement of external debt will be in installments ending in the year 2028.

Saleh said in a statement to the official news agency, that “the external debt of Iraq amounts to less than 30 billion dollars,” noting that “Iraq’s external debts of the pre-1990 phase, amounting to 128 billion dollars, 80% of which was written off under the Paris Club agreement.”

He pointed out that “there are from 41 to 42 billion dollars in debts for the Gulf countries and some other countries dating back to before the year 1990, outside the Paris Club agreement,” adding that “the outstanding debts are solved by resorting to the Paris agreement as a standard agreement for all of Iraq’s debts.”

He pointed out that “the debt remaining from the Paris Club agreement is less than $ 9 billion,” explaining that “there are new debts arising from the war on ISIS terrorist gangs, which was estimated at about $ 13 billion.”

Saleh stated that “the remaining amount for countries inside and outside the Paris Agreement, and for international multilateral financial institutions not subject to the agreement, the Paris Club is estimated at 28 billion dollars.”

He explained that “its payment will be in the form of payments starting from the year 2020 to the year 2028, each according to its maturity.”

He indicated that “the internal debt of Iraq is estimated at 42 billion dollars for the central bank, the Rafidain and Rashid banks, and the Iraqi Trade Bank.”


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