A human rights center documents the killing and kidnapping of 5 activists in Iraq within 24 hours


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Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw
Keywords Iraq demonstrations

Rudaw – Erbil

The Iraqi Center for the Documentation of War Crime has announced that 5
protesters have  been targeted, killed and kidnapped during the past 24 hours in Baghdad, Dhi Qar and Karbala.
The center reported in a tweet on Twitter that “armed militia kidnapped the activist (Ahmed Fadel), one of the activists of Tahrir Square, this morning, Saturday, while he was returning from the square.”

He also mentioned, “The targeting of the civil activist (Mustafa Qassem Al-Badiri) with a sound bomb in front of his house located in Al-Shuhada neighborhood in the city of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar Governorate.”

On Friday evening, “the activist (Ahmed Alaa Al-Darraji) was kidnapped from Al-Tayaran Square after he left from Tahrir Square, and the activist (Hassan Hadi Al-Zaidi) was killed by riot police after their attack on Al-Sinak Bridge,” according to the center.

To that, the Iraqi Center for War Crime Documentation confirmed, “The activist and paramedic (Hoda Khudair) was shot dead by a silencer by the popular crowd in Karbala, in order to support the popular demonstrations in Iraq,” the center said. 

A few days ago, the Crime Documentation Center announced that the death toll of the demonstrations had risen since the start of the demonstrations to 669 people, in addition to 25,000 wounded, and the Human Rights Commission has documented 30 assassinations against activists since last October. 

Activists in the protests have been subjected to coordinated attacks such as assassinations, kidnappings and torture since the protests erupted more than two months ago, while the frequency of targeting has increased dramatically in recent weeks.

Iraq has witnessed unprecedented popular protests since the beginning of October 2019, the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi was forced to resign in early December 2019, and they insist on the departure and accountability of all political elites accused of corruption. The country managed a transitional phase in preparation for early elections\


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