In preparation for the expected “Monday” .. Liberation protestors announce a “comprehensive project” for Baghdad and the provinces


Yassin Iraq: Baghdad

, a group of sit-in tents in the Tahrir Square in Baghdad announced today, Thursday, the completion of a comprehensive project for Baghdad and the rest of the provinces, while stressing the issuance of the first position soon.

A number of tent officials published in Tahrir Square, its intention stating: “We gathered the camp of Tahrir protesters, we have completed our large and comprehensive project, for Baghdad and the rest of the uprising provinces, under the name of the Iraqi revolutionaries,” stressing that “our first position will be issued soon.”

Baghdad and some of the provinces are attending to coordinate and join the “Nasseriya ultimatum” launched by the demonstrators of Dhi Qar Governorate, where the deadline was set to 7 days, which ends on Monday, January 20, as the demonstrators confirmed that they would follow escalatory measures represented by cutting the international road linking Baghdad and Basra in a number of Nearby provinces on the way.

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