The European Union confirms its fulfillment of the pledges of the Kuwait Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq

Construction and building

Economy News _ Baghdad

The European Union confirmed that it had fulfilled the pledges of the Kuwait International Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq held in 2018.
The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said during a discussion session on Iran and Iraq at the European Parliament’s headquarters in the French city of Strasbourg, “We need to make sure – with our support Continuous – that the reforms that are legitimately demanded by Iraqi citizens are implemented immediately, taking into account the international commitments made at the Iraq Reconstruction Conference held in February 2018 in Kuwait.
He explained that “the European Union has fully fulfilled the commitments it made that amounted to more than 400 million euros (445 million dollars) which were mobilized in the past two years to support governance and reforms and encourage the creation of sustainable job opportunities and comprehensive growth in Iraq.”
He added, “I am committed as a high representative and as a representative of the European Union … We are all committed to working to stop the current cycle of violence in Iraq before it spins out of control again.”
The activities of the Iraq Reconstruction Conference, hosted by Kuwait from February 12 to 14, 2018, concluded with a total of $ 30 billion in contributions from the participating countries and entities, including the European Union.

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