Abdul-Mahdi: Hurry up to name a new prime minister

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Baghdad / Obelisk: Wednesday, 15 January 2020, the head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, considered closing schools and imposing a certain opinion that it was illegal, while stressing that his government would not accept any weapons outside the framework of the state.

Abdel-Mahdi said, in the regular cabinet session, in the presence of the governors, that “closing schools is illegal and whoever demands rights must abide by the law,” noting that “the system must return and there is a response from societal classes to achieve this goal.”

He added: “Everyone must respect the laws and there is no success for any claims to rights if you do not abide by the law and the constitution.”

He believed that “the situation at home is complicated and the demonstrations have left positive and negative effects,” stressing that “Iraq is still strong and the crises can be overcome.”

He pointed out the importance of adopting “the most appropriate ways to return as much of the system as possible to the country,” calling for “an acceleration of the process of naming a new prime minister and forming a government with full powers.”

While noting that “whoever claims rights must abide by the law and must be respected by all,” he pointed out that “any weakening of the government is weakening the country.”

He continued: “We have established better relations with the outside since the establishment of the Iraqi state in 1920.”

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