The Iraqi movement rejects Sadr’s call for a million demonstration against the American presence

January 14, 2020


Missile shelling on Taji base and wounding three Iraqis

Baghdad – Abdul-Hussein Ghazal

Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr from his residence in Iran on Tuesday called for a million demonstration, to condemn With the American presence in Iraq, whose parliament voted last week to end the presence of foreign forces in the country, Without scheduling a gathering. The rejection of the Iraqi popular movement – Altenseekiet beyond the control of the Sadrist movement -Calling Sadr and her enemy shuffled cards and an attempt to whitewash the page of the dirty militias linked to Iran. The movement said in a statement, a copy of which was received by Al-Zaman International yesterday evening, that the invitation is launched from the ground The Iranians against Washington are now politicized and courtesy, and do not serve the Iraqi issue, which is summed up of salvation The Iranian and the Quds Force’s domination of the country’s sovereignty.

Al-Sadr said after a meeting with militia leaders and factions in Iraq who came to Iran, in a tweet via his Twitter account that ” the skies of Iraq and its territory and sovereignty violated by invading forces ” in a reference to the United States , which assassinated an aircraft strike march early January / Jan., the Iranian General The influential Qassem Soleimani and Deputy Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Authority Abu Mahdi al-Muhann tuck. He said al- Sadr in Ngridth ” to neither of the East nor a western Iraqi revolution ( … )O endowed with God ‘s Soldiers and Soldiers home to a peaceful demonstration millions united denouncing the American presence and Panthakath ” , Without specifying a date for the demonstration.

This call comes as the unprecedented popular protests in Iraq, which started on the first of October I / October year Almadi.osagt in which six hundred and seventy people were killed and twenty – five thousand injured, as revealed A security source, Monday, what happened in the Taji camp, north of Baghdad, just before.

The source said that ” eight Katyusha rockets landed shortly before at Camp Taji , north of Baghdad ” . The source added that ” a number of these rockets landed inside the camp , while the other fell into the surroundings ” , adding that ” this damaging material and wounding three people in the initial toll Can be increased . ”

But the street, which I resumed days before its movement, denounces the ruling political class, the United States and Iran Equally, especially after Tehran responded to the assassination of Soleimani, ballistic missiles from ballistic missiles on a base Ain al-Assad, which includes American soldiers in western Iraq.

As eyes turn today to Iraq, which has become a stadium between Washington and Tehran, Iraqis see this An opportunity to communicate their voice.

The country is in a state of political paralysis since the resignation of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the political blocs are still unable Al-Tawafuq agreed to find an alternative figure for the prime minister despite the expiry of the constitutional deadlines.

The protesters announced their rejection of the current talk about the possibility of Abdul Mahdi continuing his duties as head of government until the end of his term . He said a university student demonstrator in Karbala , south of Baghdad , Hussein Ali Abdul Hussein told AFP Tuesday ” with regard to the nomination of Adel Abdul Mahdi, this is unacceptable popular. We do not want to recycle waste, we want a prime minister who is satisfied with the people . ”

In Diwaniya, further south, protesters cut off the highway connecting the city to the capital, Baghdad, and the southern governorates, warning The government is stalling their demands. One protester said , ” We give the government seven days, and if you did not respond to our demands, there will be an escalation ” .

For more than three months, Iraqis have denounced the ruling political class, whom they accuse of corruption and cronyism.

And resulted in acts of violence in demonstrations across the country killed about 460 , mostly people of the protesters, and injured more than 25 thousand injured. Activists have also been subjected to intimidation campaigns, kidnappings and assassinations in several governorates.

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