Saeron”: The government’s failure to communicate with peaceful demonstrators could lead to a total loss of confidence in it

by Ali Ejam

Iraq News

3 Hours ago


A member of the House of Representatives for the “Saeron” coalition, Riyad Al-Masoudi, stressed that “the government’s failure to communicate with peaceful demonstrators has deepened the current crisis, which could lead to a loss of confidence with the government completely.”

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Al-Masoudi said in a press statement that “government agencies must bear the imposition of security and stability and sort the disciplined elements that express their demands peacefully, according to Article 38 of the Constitution.”

He added that “burning and transgressions on public and private property and on the security services are limited, and the security services must carry out their duties in accordance with Article 9 of the Constitution and inform the public opinion of the supporters of them in the presence of parties that do not like peaceful demonstrations and try to confuse them because they consider them an element of strength for the people and for other parties.”

He expressed his surprise at the lack of communication between the government and the demonstrators in the 9 provinces that witnessed the demonstrations, and this deepens the crisis between the government and the people, and if it deepens more, it may completely lose confidence, which some parties invest.

“The more the gap between the people and the government increases, we will witness more criminal operations from some quarters.”

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